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Last Updated: Feb 24, 2017

We have done extensive research looking for any companies providing storage services within the city limits of Alabang. To the best of our knowledge, none exist that are actually within the city limits. However, we did manage to find storage very near Alabang.

The following is a list of storage facilities near Alabang, Muntinlupa, along with their ratings.

Featured Storage Provider

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123 Main St.
Muntinlupa, NCR, 1780

Phone Number Coming Soon!

Rates: Coming Soon!

Storage Category: Self-Storage Facility

Basic information about our featured storage provider will be listed here as soon as we have a new one.

To see more information about our featured storage provider, including complete contact information, directions and a map, please click on the company's name above, or on the "More Info" link below.

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Other Storage Providers For
Alabang Residents & Businesses

Asian Tigers Mobility  
JY & Son Compound
Building N4
Veterans Road
Veterans Center
Taguig City, Metro Manila 1631

Phone Number Intentionally Not Listed
Safehouse Storage Facility

Rates: Php2,000 - Php50,000

Storage Category: Self-Storage Facility, Moving

This company provides moving & storage services to Alabang residents and businesses in close-by Taguig, right off the East Service Road of the South Luzon Expressway ("SLEX"). They claim to be able to handle any move in Metro Manila, or even within the Philippines, but since they have offices in many other countries, they supposedly specialize in international moves, especially within Southeast Asia and America. However, be warned - other visitors to our site have experienced paying these people THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, only for Asian Tiger to somehow tack on more money, and when you refuse to pay, they confiscate your belongings!!!

For the above reasons, we can not, in good conscience, recommend this storage facility. Sure, you can try them if you dare, but be prepared to never see your belongings again as well as finding yourself sucked into a legal matter even though all you wanted to do was to store your belongings!!!

Do yourself a favor and take our word for it... don't EVER give Asian Tigers your money, and whatever you do, don't give them access to your belongings!!!

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Safehouse Storage Facility  
CCMC Compound
VFP Building, 4th Floor
1 Veterans Road

Taguig, Metro Manila, 1630

Phone Number Intentionally Not Listed
Safehouse Storage Facility

Rates: Php2,000 - Php50,000

Storage Category: Self-Storage Facility

This company provides a self-storage facility very near Alabang in Taguig. Their facility is clean and up-to-date, and claims to be secure. However, in spite of these facts, based on extremely negative reviews we've seen in various places across the Internet in recent months, we can't in good conscience recommend this storage facility.

In point of fact, this storage facility actually used to be the featured provider of storage in Alabang here on this page. However, more and more really bad reviews about this place have been surfacing all over the Internet. As such, we can no longer feature them here, nor can we recommend them to our website visitors.

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